Daley KA place to get to know your young horse..

Frequently we hear about a rider with a new horse, not long from the breaker, and not quite coping with that "get to know each other stage".   Often the riders are  established  competitors, perfectly comfortable with everything to do with training on the Menage, preparing for competitions, training days etc, but not all that experienced with the very green youngster, and not quite sure how to go about achieving that essential build up of trust and confidence. Sometimes this build up just doesn't happen. Often this is as a  result of some unpredictable incident that frightens either horse or rider, or both, and which is difficult to overcome. 

We believe there is a stage between the new horse arriving home from the breaker, and being ready to commence a  normal routine. In most  cases problems can be avoided if that first week or two can be in a situation where the rider is not alone, but with experienced help available. Not to ride the horse, but to be there to help and reassure.  Also it is imperative that the facilities are suitable. Not breaking facilities, but safe yards to mount, somewhere to lunge etc, and quiet safe places to ride.  Also the availability of an experienced person on an older schoolmaster horse to ride along with is invaluable. 

Denis Crane is very experienced  with this stage having broken in literally hundreds of horses over a long period.   He is offering his experience  in the hope that  he can help riders with new horses get through this vital stage safely.

Here's what we offer.

  • Yard or stable accomodation  for your horse, safe yards, lungeing area and menage.  
  • Modern comfortable accomodation for yourself. (two people max). Kitchenette, TV, two single beds. 
  • Three hours assistance per day,  including riding with you in quiet native forest areas on sandy tracks. 
  • Help and assistance with transporting, tacking up, hosing down, feeding etc.  
  • Introduction to Cross country, Showjumping, or Dressage if you are ready for that. 
Here's what you need to provide.
  • Food for yourself, (no meals provided). 
  • Feed for your horse.
  • All your own gear 
General Information.
  • Blackall Park is situated 6kms from Statford. (Supermarket, Hotel, PO, Chemist), and 25km from Sale which is a major provincial city.  One hour drive to the ninty mile beach.
  • Riders may come singually or two at a time. 
  • Assistance can be provided as a three hour block or in several sessions.
  • Contact 0427 456 085 or blackallpark@netspace.net.au
  • $300+GST per person for two days, $100+GST per person per day thereafter.
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