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Please  Note: All horses at Blackall Park are paddock reared. They live on broad acres in their age groups and are supplementary fed in the winter months. They are handled from an early age by Denis Crane and are wormed and have their feet trimmed regularly.

         Terms are available for the purchase of Blackall Park horses to approved buyers, for further information please contact:

    Denis Crane on 0427456085

VP Voo Doo - Black mare (by Inspiration) age Approx 14yrs  with 2017 filly foal at foot (BP Virginia)   $8K + GST

To view pedigree click here  VP Voo Doo

Voo Doo
is a particularly nice type. She is a low maintenance mare, always holding condition well and and easy breeder. She has the distinction of being the last mare ever to produce a foal by Daley K, that foal now named Emmaville Dawson was purchased from us by Grant and Heather Hughes as a yealing. He was used as a stallion for a couple of seasons, before being gelded. Dawson is now being trained for showjumping and shows above average ability.

There have been many very good showjumpers by Inspiration, including Yakkety Yak the brilliant bay gelding ridden with great success into his twentieth year by Grant Hughes.

Discerning breeders will note that BP Virginia has a double cross to Daley K. She also carries the blood of the incomparable Galoubet, close up in her pedigree.
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Blackall Park Schumann ( Blackall Park Twist / Solbelle) - Grey gelding 16.00hh DOB  11/10/2013   $15K + GST    (Broken in)

To view pedigree click here Blackall Park Schumann

Blackall Park Schumann is the first foal from the TB mare Solbelle. He is an attractive  type very typical of the horses now coming through by his sire Blackall Park Twist, (2), (3), all of which have style and exceptional ability.  Some of the first horses to attract attention are Blackall Park Woomelang, Blackall Park Clarence, Emmaville Twist, and Sweet Twist

Schumann was broken in last winter and is a delightful horse under saddle. He has  been ridden by many different riders and all who have ridden him enjoyed the experience. Schumann has excellent paces, and is very brave and confident when ridden in the bush, also he is an excellent free jumper.  Schumann has had lots of travel experience, has been shod regularly and  rugged all winter. He is a sensitive horse, but quickly becomes friendly and affectionate with people he knows.

Schumann has recently had some time off, but is now back in work and is improving with each ride. We have just started to jump him over small obstacles under saddle, and he is quite spectacular.   I truly believe that Schumann is one of the most talented horses bred at Blackall Park ever. In the right hands he will be a long way above average and should be considered by riders aiming high who are prepared to put the time in.  His paces are excellent, particularly his canter,  likewise his jump, just brilliant. It would be hard to imagine a nicer horse to ride. He is light in the hand, forward and willing, straight, laterally very soft, and armchair smooth in canter, he also has a spectacular jump.

We expect BP Schumann to be around 16.1hh when mature. He is unblemished with perfect feet and legs, an outstanding prospect for all disciplines.

We have not the slightest doubt that in the right stable he will become and outstanding performer.

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Blackall Park Beethoven  (Valhalla / BP Margot) -  Grey gelding 16.1hh DOB              $15K+ GST   (Broken in)

To view pedigree click here  Blackall Park Beethoven

Blackall Park Beethoven is a particularly attractive horse who closely resembles his famous sire Valhalla.  Beethoven is currently just over 16hh with  still a bit of growing to do. He has recently been broken in at Blackall Park and is going beautifully under saddle. He is light to ride, balanced and responsive.

Beethoven is a sensitive horse but is friendly and eager to please. He has done all of his work under saddle so far with Amanda Leyshan who has been very pleased with him. He is a quick learner and is already looking like a much more  established horse.  His ground manners are impeccable and he is easily managed by anyone.

Beethoven has two full siblings already showjumping, Sadie Grieg with Vicky McCathie, and Emmaville Van Gough with Sarah Dreverman. Both of those horses have attracted attention both for type and jumping ability.  Beethoven is a lovely mover and an outstanding free jumper. We believe that he will be suitable for all disciplines and will be a well above average performer.

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Blackall Park Beyonce (Blackall Park Twist / Blackall Park San Tropez) - Grey Filly DOB  23/10/2013  $10K + GST   (Broken in)

To view pedigree click here Blackall Park Beyonce

Blackall Park Beyonce is a particularly charismatic individual, a big personality, undoubtedly inherited from her mother BP San Tropez. She will not be all that tall, probably not over 15.2hh but is certain to have above average ability.  BP Beyonce's sire Blackall Park Twist, (2), (3), is becoming well known as a sire of exceptional horses. From very few old enough to compete he has several excellent young showjumping sons, and two outstanding event horses. Her dam BP San Tropez is very fast and clean and is rarely unplaced in competition.

Beyonce is a strongly built filly and will make up for her size with a very strong constitution.  Beyonce has recently  been broken in at Blackall Park, and as expected was very easy going.   We feel very confident that BP Beyonce will be a bit special and should be considered by those perhaps not wanting to go to the top in showjumping but wanting a highly competetive horse for mid level comps. I can imagine her as a sensational junior horse after a few years experience.

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Blackall Park Bourbon (Blackall Park Twist / Lucky Belle) - Bay Gelding DOB 20/10/14   $15K + GST  (Broken in)

To view pedigree click here Blackall Park Bourbon

Blackall Park Bourbon is a favourite of mine, a lovely type with a near perfect temperament.  He is  bigger than most of the others by BP Twist that are from TB mares and we expect him to be at least 16.3hh when fully mature.  Bourbon has great legs and feet and ideal conformation.

Bourbon has recently been broken in at Blackall Park and has been easy going all the way.  Despite being three quarters TB he is very Warmblood in type and will be suitable for all disciplines, and a particularly good eventing prospect. 

Bourbon's dam Lucky Belle is a very tall TB mare who is exceptionally quiet. Bourbon is her first foal, and because of his quality she was put to  V'Tropez and produced a colt foal (BP Quebec) in 2015, then in 2017 a colt by BP Revolution (BP Hugo), both we think are exceptional.

Horses by Blackall Park Twist, (2), (3) that have been tried so far, such as  Blackall Park Woomelang, Blackall Park Clarence, Emmaville Twist, and Sweet Twist have impressed greatly, definitely comparable with many imports.  We think Bourbon  is likely to be one of the best of them. My hope is that he finds a home with experienced people looking for a horse for the top level.

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Blackall Park Holiday (Blackall Park Kokomo / Kamikase Kitty) - Grey Filly DOB   22/12/2013   $6K +GST  (Unbroken)

To view pedigree click here Blackall Park Holiday

Blackall Park Holiday is one of only two fillies ever by BP Kokomo. (1), (2), She is a nice type although not as tall as all of the other horses by Kokomo. She has a slight blemish on one hind leg, but is not unsound. She is very quiet and easy to handle and is certainly a filly worthy of an opportunity, and one that may well surprise.
Blackall Park Bacardi (Blackall Park Twist / Solbelle) - Bay Gelding DOB 22/10/14   $3K + GST  (Unbroken)
To view pedigree click here Blackall Park Bacardi

Blackall Park Bacardi is a smaller type than most by Twist. We would expect him to be about 15.3hh when mature. He is a very pleasant easy going horse and would not be difficult to get going I'm sure.  He is the second foal from Solbelle by BP Twist. The first, BP Schumann, now a four year old, was broken in at Blackall Park and is performing beyond expectation, a truly lovely horse with a big future I'm sure, we feel sure Bacardi will be similar.

Bacardi, has a slightly turned front foot which does not worry him, but does of course detract from his value, hence his much lower price. He would be a great buy for someone who was looking for a horse to keep and develop for themselves. 

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Blackall Park Rum (Blackall Park Revolution / Sweet Swing) - Chestnut Gelding DOB 1/11/14   $12K + GST (Unbroken)

To view pedigree click here Blackall Park Rum

Blackall Park Rum is a very impressive youngster. Like all of the foals by his sire BP Revolution he has more than average bone. He is growing fast and will be taller than the other foals from Sweet Swing. The oldest of those foals Sweet Twist,  formally owned,trained and ridden by Kate Peel is proving to be a very talented performer.

Rum has the placid nature that is common to all of Revolution's foals which will make him a pleasure to train and own.

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Blackall Park Vodka (Blackall Park Twist / Daisy's Yarn) - Grey Gelding DOB 19/12/14   $9K + GST  (Unbroken)

To view pedigree click here Blackall Park Vodka

Vodka is very quiet. He is strongly built and will mature to about 16.1hh we think.  His mother, Daisy's Yarn is taller than average for a TB. Those interested in breeding will note that Daisy's Yarn has a double cross of Sir Tristram who is becoming well known for passing on jumping ability. Vodka's sire BP Twist (1) (2)  (3) similarly is rapidly building a reputation as a sire of outstanding jumping horses.  (1) (2) (3) (4)

Blackall Park Vodka is the second foal from her dam. The first, Blackall Park Chopin a gelding by BP Kokomo was purchased by Kristy Bruhn. Chopin has broken in well and is already showing above average ability. Chopin is about 16.2hh as a four year old, but still has some growing to do.

Vodka  is a nice mover and a particularly good free jumper. He is very calm and confident, scopey with excellent technique and very quick with his legs.   He would be suitable for either showjumping or eventing in our opinion.  Vodka free jumping 1,  Vodka free jumping 2

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