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Please  Note: All horses at Blackall Park are paddock reared. They live on broad acres in their age groups and are supplementary fed in the winter months. They are handled from an early age by Denis Crane and are wormed and have their feet trimmed regularly.

         Terms are available for the purchase of Blackall Park horses to approved buyers, for further information please contact:

    Denis Crane on 0427456085

Blackall Park San Tropez   (V'Tropez / VP Veronica)  - Black Mare  15.2hh  DOB 10/2/2010

To view pedigree click here  http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/blackall+park+san+tropez

Those interested in breeding will note that BP San Tropez is a granddaughter of Galoubet one of the most influential showjumping stallions of all time. Many of the finalists in the 2016 Rio Olympics featured Galoubet in their pedigree, in particular Big Star, the gold medal winner, who is a grandson.

BP San Tropez is completely sound and unblemished and is offered for sale by the breeder. In 2016 she spent several months  in work with Grant Hughes in Canberra where she was schooling to 1.2m. While she was with Grant she was ridden by various riders in training, including light weight young girls, for whom she went particularly well. BP San Tropez is a highly competitive horse and has rarely been unplaced in her competitions to date.

On returning to Victoria, BP San Tropez spent nine months with talented young rider Rose Stacey. At the  2017  Gippsland Showjumping Festival in Jan,  she palced 3rd in the 1.10m championship  being  one of only three horses to jump double clear. Following on from there she had numerous other placings.  At her last show with Rose at Werribee in August 2017, she jumped very consistently and jumped eight rounds for just one penalty, unluckily just touching the first fence in the 1.10m jump off. 

BP San Tropez recently returned to Blackall Park, and is currrently in full work. At the recent Sale Spring Show she was ridden by Angela Bence and once again jumped very well having just one rail from four competitions finishing with a third place from 70 starters on the second day.

BP San Tropez we feel sure would excel with a professional rider, however she should also be considered by parents looking for a horse for a talented junior wanting to get on with it. She doesn’t need months of schooling, she is fit and ready to go. She is an extremely careful jumper and is naturally fast. 

BP San Tropez has a bright personality but is not difficult. Her ground manners are excellent. She is perfect to catch, shoe, clip and float and is a good feeder when at a show. She has a friendly nature and has been a favourite at Blackall Park all her life.

For further information or arrangements to inspect, please contact Denis Crane at Blackall Park Warmblood Stud 0427456085



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Blackall Park Schumann ( Blackall Park Twist / Solbelle) - Grey gelding 15.3hh DOB  11/10/2013   POA  

To view pedigree click here Blackall Park Schumann

Blackall Park Schumann is the first foal from the TB mare Solbelle. He is an attractive  type very typical of the horses now coming through by his sire BP Twist. These horses are already attracting attention for their type and ability. Schumann has been recently broken in and is a delightful horse under saddle. He has been ridden by several different riders and all who have ridden him enjoyed the experience. Schumann has excellent paces, and is very brave and confident when ridden in the bush, also he is an excellent free jumper. 

We expect BP Schumann to be around 16.00hh when mature. He is unblemished with perfect feet and legs, an outstanding prospect for all disciplines. 

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Blackall Park Ravel (Blackall Park Kokomo / Balmoral Lucy) - Grey gelding DOB  22/10/13   POA  
To view pedigree click here Blackall Park Ravel

Blackall Park Ravel will be a tall horse, already 16.2hh with  a lot of growing to do.  He is the last foal from one of our best producing mares Balmoral Lucy, a wonderful bay mare who produced 11 outstanding foals for us. BP Ravel is exceptionally quiet and friendly. He has excellent feet and legs and is unblemished. Ravel has recently been broken in at Blackall Park and was easy going from day one. Since being broken in he has had lots of bush riding, and has also been out to several other venues with different riders. Ravel has been shown poles on the ground, and some small natural obstacles, all of which he handled extremely well. Ravel has also has a few runs in our free jumping lane and shows  very good technique and plenty of scope.  His sire BP Kokomo, a horse with extraordinary jumping ability, was only used at stud for two seasons. The first of his foals,  recently been broken in, are all nice big horses proving to be very easy to get going.  Ravel appears to be a slower maturing type, but by our experience the slower growers are tougher and less prone to setbacks once they begin their careers under saddle.  We have the highest expectations for this delightful young gelding.

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Blackall Park Beyonce (Blackall Park Twist / Blackall Park San Tropez) - Grey Filly DOB  23/10/2013  POA  (Unbroken)

To view pedigree click here Blackall Park Beyonce

Blackall Park Beyonce is a particularly charismatic individual, a big personality, undoubtedly inherited from her mother BP San Tropez. She will not be all that tall, probably not over 16hh but is certain to have above average ability. She is a strongly built filly and will make up for her size with a very strong constitution.  She is particularly friendly and will be very easily broken in I'm sure. Her dam BP San Tropez is very fast and clean and is rarely unplaced in competition. We feel very confident that BP Beyonce will be a bit special and should be considered by those perhaps not wanting to go to the top in showjumping but wanting a highly competetive horse for mid level comps. I can imagine her as a sensational junior horse after a few years experience.

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Blackall Park Holiday (Blackall Park Kokomo / Kamikase Kitty) - Grey Filly DOB   22/12/2013   POA  (Unbroken)

To view pedigree click here Blackall Park Holiday

Blackall Park Holiday is one of only two fillies ever by BP Kokomo. She is a nice type although not as tall as all of the other horses by Kokomo. She has a slight blemish on one hind leg, but is not unsound. She is very quiet and easy to handle and is certainly a filly worthy of an opportunity, and one that may well surprise.

Blackall Park Cinzano (V'Tropez / Blackall Park Margot) - Bay Colt DOB 23/9/14   POA  (Unbroken)

To view pedigree click here Blackall Park Cinzano

Blackall Park Cinzano is one of only five horses in Australia by his sire V'Tropez. All five have been bred at Blackall Park. The two oldest, BP Revolution, and BP San Tropez  have started their showjumping careers, and both show above average ability. All of the V'Tropez horses have friendly trusting dispositions and are highly trainable. Cinzano in particular is a real "people's" horse, the first one to greet you in the paddock and happy to co-operate at all times. Like the others by his sire he has above average bone and eminates strength. Also like all of the others he is a solid colour which I suspect he would pass on to his offspring if he was used a sire.  Those interested in breeding will note that his sire is by Galoubet, one of the most influential showjumping sires ever.  Cinzano's dam BP Margot is proving to be a great dam of showjumpers. Two of her foals BP Sadie,(by Valhalla) and BP Manangatang (by Romany Ego Z) are both quite exceptional.

Cinzano has recently been broken in at Blackall Park and has been very easy from day one. He has a faultless nature with excellent paces.

We believe Cinzano is certain to be a high level performer himself if given the right opportunity. He would also be worthy of a stud career for local breeders wanting to introduce some of the best showjumping blood in the world.
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Blackall Park Bourbon (Blackall Park Twist / Lucky Belle) - Bay Colt DOB 20/10/14   POA  (Unbroken)

To view pedigree click here Blackall Park Bourbon

Blackall Park Bourbon is a favourite of mine. He is going to be bigger than most of the others by BP Twist that are from TB mares.  He has had less handling than the others because he is the easiest.  Bourbon has great legs and feet and ideal conformation. Despite being three quarters TB he is very Warmblood in type.  His dam Lucky Belle is a very tall TB mare who is exceptionally quiet. Bourbon is her first foal, and because of his quality she was put to  V'Tropez and has since had a second colt foal (BP Quebec) that we think is exceptional. The foals by BP Twist that have been tried so far have impressed greatly, definitely comparable with many imports.  We think Bourbon  is likely to be one of the best of them. My hope is that he finds a home with experienced people looking for a horse for the top level.

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Blackall Park Bacardi (Blackall Park Twist / Solbelle) - Bay Colt DOB 22/10/14   POA  (Unbroken)

To view pedigree click here Blackall Park Bacardi

Blackall Park Bacardi is a smaller type than most by Twist. We would expect him to be about 15.3hh when mature. He is a very pleasant easy going horse and would not be difficult to get going I'm sure.  He is the second foal from Solbelle by BP Twist. The first, BP Schumann now rising three was also a smaller foal but has developed into a particularly nice type. We fel sure Bacardi will be similar.

Blackall Park Rum (Blackall Park Revolution / Sweet Swing) - Chestnut Colt DOB 1/11/14   POA  (Unbroken)

To view pedigree click here Blackall Park Rum

Blackall Park Rum is a very impressive youngster. Like all of the foals by his sire BP Revolution he has more than average bone. He is growing fast and will we think be taller than the other foals from Sweet Swing. The oldest of those foals Sweet Twist, owned and ridden by Kate Peel is proving to be a very talented performer. Rum has the placid nature that is common to all of Revolution's foals which will make him a pleasure to train and own.

Blackall Park Martini (Blackall Park Revolution / Sixty Too) - Brown Filly DOB 10/11/14   POA  (Unbroken)

To view pedigree click here Blackall Park Martini
Blackall Park Vodka (Blackall Park Twist / Daisy's Yarn) - Grey Colt DOB 19/12/14   POA  (Unbroken)

To view pedigree click here Blackall Park Vodka

Blackall Park Vodka is the second foal from her dam. The first, a colt by BP Kokomo was purchased by Kristy Bruhn and has broken in well and is showing promise. Vodka is very quiet. He is strongly built and will probably be quite tall as his mother is taller than average for a TB. He is a nice mover and would be suitable for either showjumping or eventing in our opinion.  
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Blackall Park Tequila (Blackall Park Twist / Ellie May) - Grey Colt DOB 24/12/14   POA  (Unbroken)

Blackall Park Tequila is the third foal from his dam Ellie May. The first foal from Ellie Mae, Blackall Park Penny Lane is now a rising six year old mare ridden by Becky Jenkins.  Penny Lane shows way above average ability and performed brilliantly at the recent Australian Showjumping Championships placing fourth in the Ruby Series final. This was an outstanding result for such a young mare who jumped without penalty for the whole show.  We expect Tequila to be a tall horse as his full brother BP Clarence, (see ad above) is already over 17hh as a rising four year old.  Tequila is a friendly easy going horse  who will be easy to work with I'm sure.  For those who believe, (as I do)  that mares who have produced superstars do so consistently, Tequila should be snapped up, as both of the foals from Ellie Mae broken in so far have international potential for sure.  Tequila would be a perfect prospect for someone who likes to do the job from scratch  knowing that they have a horse with the necessary potential to go far.  

To view pedigree click here Blackall Park Tequila

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Blackall Park Vancouver (V'Tropez / Poppy) - Bay Colt DOB 29/10/15   POA  (Unbroken)

To view pedigree click here Blackall Park Vancouver

Blackall Park Quebec (V'Tropez / Lucky Belle) - Bay Colt DOB 31/10/15   POA  (Unbroken)

To view pedigree click here Blackall Park Quebec

Blackall Park Toronto (Blackall Park Twist / Solbelle) - Grey Colt DOB 5/11/15   POA  (Unbroken)

To view pedigree click here Blackall Park Toronto

Blackall Park Alberta (Blackall Park Twist / Daisy's Yarn) - Grey Filly DOB 15/4/16  

To view pedigree click here Blackall Park Alberta

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