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Please  Note: All horses at Blackall Park are paddock reared. They live on broad acres in their age groups and are supplementary fed in the winter months. They are handled from an early age by Denis Crane and are wormed and have their feet trimmed regularly.

         Terms are available for the purchase of Blackall Park horses to approved buyers, for further information please contact:

    Denis Crane on 0427456085

Blackall Park Beyonce (Blackall Park Twist / Blackall Park San Tropez) - Grey Filly DOB  23/10/2013  $10K  (Broken in)

To view pedigree click here Blackall Park Beyonce

Blackall Park Beyonce is a particularly charismatic individual, a big personality, undoubtedly inherited from her mother BP San Tropez. She will not be all that tall, probably not over 15.2hh but is certain to have above average ability.  BP Beyonce's sire Blackall Park Twist, (2), (3), is becoming well known as a sire of exceptional horses. From very few old enough to compete he has several excellent young showjumping sons, and two outstanding event horses. Her dam BP San Tropez is very fast and clean and is rarely unplaced in competition.

Beyonce is a strongly built filly and will make up for her size with a very strong constitution.  Beyonce was broken in at Blackall Park a couple of years ago, and as expected was very easy going.  Beyonce  commenced her jumping training with Kane Chester in June 2019. She has progressed steadily with each lesson, and is proving to be highly trainable, calm and talented as expected.

We feel very confident that BP Beyonce will be a bit special and should be considered by those perhaps not wanting to go to the top in showjumping but wanting a highly competetive horse for mid level comps. I can imagine her as a sensational junior horse after a few years experience.

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Blackall Park Vancouver (V'Tropez / Poppy) - Brown Gelding DOB 29/10/15   $20K  (Broken in)

Blackall Park Vancouver is a slightly different type to others in his age group. His mother is by the dressage stallion Royal Hit who we believe has passed on to Vancouver a higher head and neck carriage than others in his age group. He is an exceptional mover with a bright personality. Vancouver was broken in by Grant Hughes in Canberra, and then spent time with Emily Riley at Jier Park.  We expect Vancouver will mature to about 17hh, currently 16.2hh.

Vancouver is all jumping on his sires side, being by a grandson of Galoubet. Vancouver's pedigree, (see below) is not dissimilar to Big Star, the Rio Olympic gold medalist, in so much as they are both grandsons of Galoubet, and both have Ramiro Z not far back in their respective dam's pedigree. 

We expect Vancouver to be a talented all rounder. Vancouver is unblemished with excellent feet and legs and we would happily submit him for any vet check with confidence.  He is a horse with a lot of personality and quality, worthy of a serious competitor aiming for the top. 

Vancouver has been back at Blackall Park since mid May and has had lots of bush riding with Denis Crane. He started weekly training  rides with Kane Chester in June, and attended his first freshman's jumping day on th 3rd of August. Vancouver went to his first show on the 19th and 20th of October and jumped in the 90cm classes, jumping calm stylish clear rounds. He is an exceptional jumping prospect and his value will go up rapidly if not sold. 

Vancouver's ground manners are perfect. No quirks whatsoever. He can be caught in 100 acres from a mob of a dozen horses. He is a perfect and very experienced traveller, (truck only so far).

To view pedigree click here Blackall Park Vancouver

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Blackall Park Bacardi (Blackall Park Twist / Solbelle) - Bay Gelding DOB 22/10/14   $3K   (Unbroken)
To view pedigree click here Blackall Park Bacardi

Blackall Park Bacardi is a smaller type than most by Twist. We would expect him to be about 15.3hh when mature. He is a very pleasant friendly horse with a bright personality.   He is the second foal from Solbelle by BP Twist. The first, BP Schumann,  was broken in at Blackall Park and was a lovely horse to ride in all paces, and had exceptional jumping ability.

Bacardi, has a slightly turned front foot which does not worry him, but does of course detract from his value, hence his much lower price. He would be a great buy for someone who was looking for a horse to keep and develop for themselves. 

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Blackall Park Vodka (Blackall Park Twist / Daisy's Yarn) - Grey Gelding DOB 19/12/14   $9K   (Unbroken)

To view pedigree click here Blackall Park Vodka

Vodka is a strongly built horse and will mature to about 16.1hh we think.  His mother, Daisy's Yarn is taller than average for a TB. Those interested in breeding will note that Daisy's Yarn has a double cross of Sir Tristram who is becoming well known for passing on jumping ability. Vodka's sire BP Twist (1) (2)  (3) similarly is rapidly building a reputation as a sire of outstanding jumping horses.  (1) (2) (3) (4)

Blackall Park Vodka is the second foal from her dam. The first, Blackall Park Chopin a gelding by BP Kokomo was purchased by Kristy Bruhn. Chopin has broken in well and is already showing above average ability. Chopin is about 16.2hh as a four year old, but still has some growing to do.

Vodka  is a nice mover and a particularly good free jumper. He is very calm and confident, scopey with excellent technique and very quick with his legs.   He would be suitable for either showjumping or eventing in our opinion.  Vodka free jumping 1,  Vodka free jumping 2

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Blackall Park Fitzroy (Blackall Park Revolution / Lorikeet) - Brown Gelding DOB  21/11/16            $10K  (Unbroken)

To view pedigree click here Blackall Park Fitzroy

Fitzroy is a particularly quiet horse. He has perfect legs and feet, and straight action.  We expect that he will be around 16.1hh when mature. He has been well reared and has been in excellent condition all his life.

To date there have only been two horses by BP Revolution broken in, BP Sambuca and BP Rum, and both have been exceptional in terms of temperament and trainablity.  Fitzroy's dam, Lorikeet when ridden by Becky Jenkins was well known to be an honest, talented and tough competitor, and the winner of several World Cup Qualifier events. Lorikeet has also been successful as a broodmare having produced several promising showjumpers by different sires.

We believe that Fitzroy represents extremely good value in today's market. There is every reason to expect BP Fitzroy to match it with all comers of similar age, including European imports.

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Blackall Park St Kilda (Blackall Park Revolution / BP Mississippi) - Brown Gelding DOB 4/12/16        $9K  (Unbroken)

To view pedigree click here  Blackall Park St Kilda

St Kilda is the tallest in his age group and we expect him to be at least 16.2hh when mature. He is very dark in color, almost black. He has an attractive head and a big kind eye. Like the others he has been handled well from weaning and has had his feet trimmed when necessary. Also like all the others by Revolution he is calm and intelligent.

St Kilda has  double crosses of Daley K and also Balmoral Boy in his pedigree, both of which stallions have been prominent in the many excellent showjumpers to come from Blackall Park, twelve of which jumped to World Cup Qualifier level both in Australia and overseas. It would be hard to imagine St Kilda not being an exceptional jumping prospect.

St Kilkda's dam BP Mississippi was not broken in due to an injury suffered as a foal, however she was a tall mare, full sister to many excellent jumpers such as BP Athos, Cincinatti Rose, Ohio Silver, Emmaville Darius and BP Twist.

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Blackall Park Vermont (Blackall Park Revolution / Sixty Too) - Bay Gelding DOB  21/11/16            $8K  (Unbroken)

To view pedigree click here  Blackall Park Vermont

Vermont  looks a bit wooly at the moment, but  is  a very attractive  young bay gelding  with  some bling,( face  and legs),  he is also extremely quiet. Vermont is from the nice TB mare Sixty Too who has produced three other very nice foals for us by different stallions, (Daley K, PB Twist and BP Revolution).

Vermont reminds me  a lot of BP Sambuca, similar size, movement and attitude. Sambuca is owned by Kristy Evans in Tasmania and is proving to be a quality horse who is  pleasing Kristy more and more as he develops.  

Like the others in his age group, Vermont is in good  condition  and could be broken in immediately .

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Blackall Park Richmond ( Blackall Park Revolution / BP Margot) - Grey Gelding DOB  30/10/16        $6K   (Unbroken)

To view pedigree click here Blackall Park Richmond

Richmond  is  a smaller type than we normally have and is not expected to be taller than about 15.1hh. He is a very nice type with excellent conformation, legs and feet. Richmond is unblemished  and ready to be broken in. I can imagine Richmond becoming an outstanding mount for perhaps a smaller lady rider wanting the paces and temperament of the Warmblood, together with  smaller stature which makes management easier.

Interestingly Richmond's dam, BP Margot has produced other foals that have been much taller, they include Sadie Grieg, BP Beethoven and BP Manangatang.  All of these horses are above average jumpers and excellent types.
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Blackall Park Virginia (Blackall Park Revolution / VP Voo Doo) Brown filly DOB 15/11/2017  $8K  (Unbroken)

To view pedigree click here Blackall Park Virginia

Virginia is a particularly attractive filly. She is an exceptional mover, and has a ten out of ten temperament. Virginia is well grown for her age and we expect her to be about 16.2hh when fully mature.

Virginia is the second foal that we have bred from VP Voo Doo, the first being Emmaville Dawson the very last foal to be born by Daley K.  Dawson was purchased from us as a yearling colt by Grant Hughes who developed him as a jumper, and also used him as a stallion for several seasons. 

Virginia is one several horses offered for sale on this page that have a double cross of Daley K in their pedigree. Virginia we are sure has everything required to be an outstanding competition horse in either Showjumping or eventing. She  would also be an extremely valuable brood mare later on.  

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Blackall Park Bronte (Blackall Park Revolution / Daley Obsession)  Grey /Brown? filly DOB 14/11/2017  $10K  (Unbroken)

To View pedigree click here  Blackall Park Bronte

Bronte would appear to have everything. She is a big robust filly with excellent conformation, good legs and feet, and an easy co-operative temperament. Bronte's dam, Daley Obsession is full sister to the outstanding jumper Special K who showed amazing ability and jumped to World Cup Qualifer level with David Boulton.  Daley Obsession appeared to have similar ability, but was a bit "hot". Bronte quite obvioulsy will not be "hot" being by Revolution who has passed on near perfect temperament  consistently.

Bronte is a very typical Warmblood, strong boned and physically powerful, but in no way coarse. I believe she is an exceptional jumping prospect and shoud be considered by riders aiming for the top.

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