Daley KPerforming Progeny of Daley K
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Warlord II (Born 1996, Daley K/Balmoral Princess)

Warlord II was purchased from Blackall Park by Melissa Froesch as a yearling. He displayed above average ability from an early age. As a six year old he won the all age champion showjumper at the prestigious "Jumping with the stars" at Werribee Park, in a class judged by John Cottle. He followed this by becoming a consistent performer in A & B Grade competitions, and jumped in his first World Cup qualifier as a seven year old. Gavin Chester purchased the horse as an eight year old, and quickly they became one of the top combinations in the country. In the 2006/2007 World Cup season Gavin and Warlord II won five consecutive qualifiers. They then represented the Pacific League in the final of the World Cup in Las Vegas in April 2007, where they performed creditably, although lacking the international experience of most of their rivals.

Warlord II  returned to Australia in Sept 2008 and  had his first start after a twelve month spell  in the World Cup Qualifier at Sale on the 30th November 2008. He finished in third place after two very good four fault rounds over a high standard course built by Leeson Sirett.  Warlord II was then campaigned by Kane Chester with success before being exported to Japan.  We are pleased to have a very nice yearling colt Blackall Park Kokomo by Warlord II, for whom we have high expectations. 
Warlord II with Gavin Chester World Cup Final
Aquila By Daley K / Balmoral Princess. Aquila (Born 1994, Daley K/Balmoral Princess)

Aquila is the third foal by Daley K from this wonderful mare. Owned by Anne and Doug Garner from Sale he was ridden by Olympian Jeff Bloomfield. The horse progressed steadily to reach A grade level and was a consistent performer not only for Jeff but also his daughter Jenna in Junior competitions.
Among his many achievements, was a win in the keenly contested Sydney young horse futurity.  
Sister Act (Born 1992, Daley K/Balmoral Princess)

Sister Act, second foal of Princess, also owned and ridden by Melissa Froesch showed similar ability and tenacity to Blue Crystal, and reached B grade level as a young mare  before being exported to Canada. 
Blue Crystal Born 1991, Daley K/Balmoral Princess
Sister Act Born 1992, Daley K/Balmoral Princess Blue Crystal (Born 1991, Daley K/Balmoral Princess) 

Blue Crystal was the first foal from Balmoral Princess, and was owned and ridden by Melissa Froesch. She reached A Grade level as an eight year old, and then retired to stud. After several foals for Melissa, she was sold to Copabella warmblood stud. They are very pleased with their first foal from Blue Crystal, Copabella Valor, by Copabella Visage. 
Blackall Park Athos (Born 1998, Daley K/Balmoral Beauty)

Athos was retained at Blackall Park to be a competition representative. He is the first foal from Balmoral Beauty, closely related to Warlord II on his dam's side.  Athos was given his early training by Denis Crane, and was then ridden by Candice Gartung before being taken over by Kate Fleischer, stable rider for Blackall Park. Athos and Kate  thrilled a Tonimbuk crowd when they jumped 1.4m in a bareback puissance at the pre Christmas show in 2007.  He is from a very strong family, Kelly Lees has two of his siblings, Cincinatti Rose, and Ohio Silver. Both of these horses  are well above average and look certain to go through to A Grade level. Another brother Emmaville Darius, owned by Grant & Heather Hughes has been retained as a colt. He has commenced his stud career, and  will  now be given further training under saddle. Like his siblings, he is destined for a career in Showjumping. 
Blackall Park Athos & Kate Fleischer
Blackall Park Sox By Daley K / Blamoral Jess Blackall Park Sox (Born 1991, Daley K/Balmoral Jess)

Sox showed exceptional temperament and ability from day one. He was started by Susie Crane for showjumping, and attracted immediate attention due to his flamboyant style and stunning appearance.
Later he was ridden for one season by David Joyce and placed consistently. The horse reached B grade and was sold to Grant Hughes from Canberra. With Grant he progressed steadily, and competed regularly in A & B grade competitions.

Sox was then sold to Japan where he is now established as a World Cup competitor, and a qualifier for the Japan Cup.
Blackall Park Zambezi (Born 1994, Daley K/Calmere)

Zambezi started his jumping career in September 2001. Within 18 months he was B Grade This horse has a relaxed and extremely light way of going, and is ridden in loose ring snaffle bit with no other aids. He is in our opinion one of the  most talented jumpers  bred at Blackall Park to date. 

The horse was campaigned in Australia by Damian Kiss, before being sold to America where he has continued to perform well.
BP Zambezi By Daley K / Calmere
Cavalier Boots (Born 1999, Daley K/Balmoral Jess)

Boots is a particularly attractive horse with way above average movement. He was broken in at Blackall Park and schooled in dressage by Susie Crane. Sold to Stephen Dingwall, he became etablished in a showjumping career. We expect him to do well in the tradition of his brothers, BP Sox now in Japan, and BP Fox now in America.
Emmaville Design (Born 1994, Daley K/Balmoral Girl)

Emmaville Design was started for showjumping by Grant Hughes, and progressed steadily to A Grade level. He was then sold to Japan as an 11yo A grader with 400 points. A high point in his career  was being the leading horse at Canberra Royal Show in part one. He jumped in seven competitions for one penalty.

Design has continued to perform brilliantly in Japan.

Grant Hughes was so impressed with Design, that he purchased two of his younger full brothers.
Emmaville Design By Daley K / Balmoral Girl
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Blackall Park Atlantis (Born 1999, Daley K/Balmoral Belle)

Blackall Park Atlantis,  is one of many outstanding foals from this great mare. He is currently owned and ridden by Grant Hughes, and is improving rapidly. This very talented horse, now A grade,  is becoming very consistent in A & B Grade competitions.  He is also something of a six bar specialist and is rarely beaten.  Grant feels that Atlantis may fill the gap left from when his two great Daley K Showjumpers, Emmaville Design and Emmaville Diplomat were exported to Japan. 
Blackall Park Winchester (Born 2000, Daley K/Balmoral Girl) 

Winchester is full brother to Emmaville Design, and Emmaville Diplomat, both outstanding A graders trained and ridden by Grant Hughes and exported to Japan. Winchester is progressing in a way that makes us think he will be of the same standard. He is in a very good stable and is well managed and ridden by Martin Alomes. We have high expectations for him.
Blackall Park Nero renamed Randlab Nero ( Born 1997, Daley K/Balmoral Daisy) 

Nero was always a bold horse with a big jump. He was started by Damien Kiss, before being sold to Haydn Kneebone. With Hadyn he had many good performances, and looked at his best over bigger courses up to 1.4 metres.   Nero was sold on by Haydn, and has recently been showing good form for his new rider Olivia Hamood. We look forward to following his progress in his new stable.

Wild Honey (Born 2000, Daley K/Balmoral Belle)

Wild Honey is one of two very promising jumpers by Daley K bought by well known course designer Leeson Sirett and well ridden by Des Gleason.   She has progressed rapidly through the grades and looks certain to be a top level horse. Wild Honey started her World Cup career at Wodonga in November 2009 where she was one of only four clear rounds and finished in third place.  She is from the wonderful and prolific mare Balmoral Belle, who is also the dam of Blackall Park Atlantis, and several other great performers, including one exported to America as a young horse.  

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Blackall Park Pogo (Born 1998, Daley K/Balmoral Belle)
Pogo  suffered  serious injuries to both hind legs as a yearling, and was not broken in until he was five.  He then spent several years doing light dressage and trail riding. Now fully recovered from his injuries he has commenced a showjumping career, and is beginning to show similar form to his siblings. In 2007 he performed well in the Intercountry Junior competition between Australia and New Zealand. Recently Pogo has been ridden by Kate Fleischer and will be campaigned locally by Kate this season in Showjumping events. He is also invaluable at Blackall Park as the perfect schoolmaster for our youngsters.

Blackall Park Dante (Born 2001, Daley K/Moondale Missile)
Dante  is an impressive big horse. He started his jumping career with Grant Hughes in August 2008 and and by Dec 09 was B Grade.  Being part Percheron on his dam's side Dante has exceptional bone together with great energy and courage.

Dante continued to impress with his outstanding scope and technique and is seen here competing at Sydney Royal Easter Show 2010.  Dante was talent spotted by overseas buyers and has recently been exported to Japan.  We look forward to following his career,  and are confident that he will uphold the high standard set by many other Showjumpers by Daley K  now competing in other countries.

We congrratulate Grant Hughes for the thoroughly expert and professional manner in which he produced this outstanding young horse.

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Click for larger image Blackall Park Misty Blue  (Born 2005, Mr Blue/Blackall Park Dyma)
Misty Blue is a great example of the next generation of horses to come from Blackall Park. By the exceptional jumping stallion Mr Blue, she is one of many top quality horses bred from Daley K mares by frozen semen.  This wonderful young mare is tall, trainable, and  athletic. She is owned by Emily Longhurst and is being perfectly prepared under the watchful eye of Grant Hughes.  We look forward to following her career with great confidence and interest.  Misty Blue is surely one of the highest quality young showjumping bred mares in the country.

Ohio Silver  (Born 2003, Daley K/Balmoral Beauty)
Ohio Silver is one of two siblings owned and ridden by Kelly Lees. The other is a mare, Cincinnati Rose now retired to stud after having reached B Grade.  Both horses are good examples of  consistent high quality progeny from a very good mare. Ohio Silver is currently midway through C Grade (April 2010) and seems certain to reach the higher levels of competition.  We congratulate Kelly on the production of these two horses and look forward to following their futurre progress.

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Warwind (Born 1998, Daley K/Sunshine)
Warwind was one of several very good horses from Sunshine. The best known of the others would be HP Fontaine. (see below).
Warwind was orphaned at a very young age and hand reared by Heather Johns. He grew very tall, almost 18hh and was always an outstanding horse. Broken in by Rob Clay he began dressage training before being purchased by Shae Hanger.   Shae and Warwind have had a spectacular  show career  culminating  in   their historic victory in the 2008 Garryowen.
Warwind with Shae Hanger
Splash II By Daley K / Ashleigh Coppelia Splash II (Born 1991, Daley K/Ashleigh Coppelia)

Splash was purchased by Viv Axton as a 2 year old for dressage. The horse has “never put a foot wrong” and  steadily progressed to FEI level. After a wonderful competetive career she was  retired to stud.

Splash was well known among the dressage fraternity, and was renowned for her temperament and trainability.

Tjandamurra (Born 1993, Daley K/Ashleigh Coppelia)

Pud, as known to his 'family and friends' was jointly owned by Marg England and Rob Clay. He  progressed without a hitch in his dressage career to Prix St George level, and looked certain to become an FEI Level horse. Sadly this was not to be as Pud died suddenly from colic. A  great loss to his many friends and admirers, he was a particularly striking horse with the obvious ability to reach Grand Prix.
Wallace (Born 1995, Daley K/Scottish Star)

Wallace is owned and ridden by Judy Weber from WA and  had great success as a young horse. He won the WA Novice Dressage Championship as a 4 year old and was named Young Horse of the Year in that state.

He was highly complimented by renowned trainer Harry Boldt, who described him as an ideal type for dressage.
Wallace By Daley K / Scottish Star.
HP Fontaine (Born 1993, Daley K/Sunshine)

Fontaine is an outstanding mare. She showed spectacular movement as a foal, and trained and ridden by Katy Welsh quickly developed into a highly successful dressage horse. She has recently changed owners, and we are sure that she will continue to please.

Blackall Park Karnival (Born 1997,Daley K/Balmoral Lucy )
Karnival was purchased as a yearling by Kathy Kindler. She is a particularly attractive mare standing 16.1hh. Kathy trained her under the watchful eye of Rob Clay,and she progressed steadily as a dressage horse performing well to medium level.

Recently Karnival has been ridden by 12 year old Tiffany Chapman, and this combination has been very successful at novice and elementary level. Karnival has impressed many by her willingness to perform well for her talented young rider.

Blackall Park Karnival

Click for larger imageWar Wizard (Born 1995, Daley K/Balmoral Countess)

Tony, as he is known at home, was first  owned by Heather Johns and was trained jointly by Heather and Rob Clay. Tony is a tall 17.2hh gelding with elegant movement and particularly calm temperament. His dam was a full sister to Balmoral Princess, the mother of Warlord II, so there is plenty of jump in his pedigree.
After showing great potential in dressage, he changed ownership and career path, and is now owned by Seamus Marwood. 
War Wizard has done very well in his first 3DE starts, and looks likely to move to the next level with ease. He is also a competent showjumper  winning several events recently.

Pluto Mio  (Born 1998,  Daley K/Call On The Wind)

Pluto Mio was the second of two colts bred by John & Jane Pittard from their lovely TB mare Call On The Wind.  He was given his early training by Jane, and then given lots of time to mature. He commenced his eventing career with Katja Weimann and quickly moved through the grades with a string of wins and placings. Most notably he won the Melbourne 3DE at 2* level, and followed this with a brilliant second in the Adelaide 3DE in 2009. He had his first 3* start at Wandin  in March 2010. Katja was thrilled by his performance,  " he is definately a jumping machine- he found the size of the jumps easy!! Can't wait for our next start!! ".  
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